The developers of Pokemon Go have released a new update for the game; it was launched August 8th and includes a variety of changes however the biggest addition to the update list is what they’re currently testing.

Not all users have access to this new tracking feature as Niantic are currently testing it but the response from fans is already quite positive. The new system replaces the footprints tracking system and provides players with a specific location for the Pokemon on their nearby list; it shows the Pokemon with an image of exactly where the player can find that Pokemon.

The location image can be tapped and enlarge to give the player a better idea of where to hunt; the game also places a marker on the map to show the player where to go.

Tracking in Pokemon Go has been broken for almost it’s entire release period, the footprints system was only active during the first week of launch. Once it was released in Europe the system was broken and Niantic recently removed the footprints from the game.

Niantic have no yet confirmed when this new system will become available for everyone.

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