Developer Hello Games is no where near done with No Man’s Sky, the developer already has the first major update lined up for tomorrow’s PS4 release date.

Many aspects of the game have been updated and the full patch notes are available on the official website however, the patch notes contain some spoilers; any excited players who want to avoid any spoilers about the main aspects of the game should avoid reading them.

Without mentioning any major spoilers, the developers have done quite a bit of new work on the 18 quintillion planets that will the universe; more diverse content has been added to the world and players can expect to see more unique creatures, ships and flora. The terrain generations and environments have been greatly improved to make each planet in the world different while adding more dangers to them also.

Alien life has also been updated to make them more complex to each have their own diets and languages; along side this, some new features were added that involve aliens so that the relationship between player and alien become more engaging.

Players can expect to see a lot of diversity when the game launches tomorrow, this update will launch tomorrow and players who obtained the game early will also receive the patch then.

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