The official launch date for the PC version of No Man’s Sky has finally been confirmed; the creator of Hello Games, Sean Murray, took to Twitter to explain the situation and confirm a release date.

In his tweets he explained that the team is hard at work to ensure the PC version is the highest quality they can achieve. The PC version was initially delayed several days for this reason but Murray has confirmed the release date rumor.

No Man’s Sky will be released for the PC on August 12th; the PC version of the game has been confirmed to be receiving a worldwide release date unlike the PlayStation 4 which is being released on August 9th for NA and August 10th for EU gamers.

Some copies of the game were leaked early and a programmer at Hello Games has revealed that the game servers will be wiped clean some time today in preparation for the games launch week. This server wipe will be deleting game saves and any online storage those players may have.

The highly anticipated space exploration game will finally be released next week; a fan-made companion app called NMS Ally is also available for mobile devices.

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