June 18, 2018

One Big Thing Apple Didn’t Tell People about the iPhone X at its event

One Big Thing Apple Didn’t Tell People about the iPhone X at its event

12th of September was the date that Apple announced the new generation of its iPhones. This year, it brought to the spotlight the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. They are both fairly similar to their predecessors, the 7 and 7 Plus but this time they come with a glass back cover as well as a new processor and some other cool features.

However, all the eyes were on the iPhone X, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of iPhones. Apart from the near 5.8-inch bezel-less Super Retina display, it packs the latest A11 Bionic chip, a mostly glass design and upgraded rear cameras.

Wireless charging made its path to all the new iPhones that are going to be released later this year. The iPhone X will also have fast-charging capabilities. Unfortunately, though, you will need to buy an adapter in order to fast charge your phone.  The phone comes in two colors as well: Space Gray and silver.

The rear cameras have received an improvement over the last generation of iPhones. Portrait mode is now more advanced and both lenses now include OIS.

On the front of the phone, one thing is for sure: The Home Button is not there anymore. Yes, the leaks were right. Apple ditched the home button completely from their new iPhone. Instead, on top of the 2436×1125 display, the screen now houses the new FaceID. As we’ve previously seen with Samsung Galaxy models, you will now be able to unlock your phone using your face.

Another great feature is the implementation of Galileo support, Europe’s new satellite support which means that losing your phone will be a lot more difficult.

This is an exceptionally good thing if you consider the prices that the new iPhone X will retail from.

During the Keynote,  Phil Schiller who is soon to be Apple’s SVP of marketing informed us about the price of the 64GB model. Despite that, he mentioned nothing concerning the 256GB model which will also be available.

The low-end version will retail at $999. This is fairly expensive but it’s nothing compared to the high-end model that Apple offers. If you want to buy the new iPhone X with 256GB of storage in it, you will have to pay a whopping $1,149.

I’m sure no one would want to lose their phone after they had paid that price for it.

At that price tag, you would think that it would be ahead of its competition. This is not exactly the case here. The iPhone X still uses the same front facing camera that the iPhones 7 & 7 Plus did although this time the image processing is better. Nonetheless, it would be nice to see an improvement over the 7-megapixel camera.

Compared to another expensive phone, the Galaxy Note 8, it’s significantly less bright than it. The iPhone X screen has a maximum brightness of 625 nits. This result is way better than most devices (300 nits is considered decent) but the Note 8 is the winner here reaching an incredible 1,240 nits.

Another thing that you should keep in mind before buying the phone is the fact that it’s still IP67 certified. While your phone will remain mostly unharmed in splashes and dirt, it’s certainly less safe than IP68 certified phones, which can be found in most flagships.

Apart from its flaws, the iPhone X still remains a brilliant phone with an incredible design and great specs.

Pre-orders will start on 27 October, with shipping to begin 3 November. Would this be your new daily driver?

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