If you’re into open world games then you’re probably itching to try out No Man’s Sky. The game’s release is just around the corner but if you just can’t wait for it and need some similar games to keep yourself busy with, we have the perfect selection for you. The following open world games are some of the absolute best out there and are more than capable of keeping you hooked until No Man’s Sky comes out.

1: Skyrim

Skyrim, released back in 2011, was hands down one of the most, if not the most, innovative games at the time. The game features some absolutely stellar graphics, engaging gameplay and of course a story that’ll have you captivated until the end. However, in spite of all this, perhaps the biggest highlight of Skyrim is the fact that the game is filled to the brim with content for players to enjoy which is why players keep discovering new and interesting things in the game with each passing day even though it’s been out for around half a decade now.

2: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 concluded the trilogy of protagonist Geralt in splendid fashion. This open world game builds itself upon all the fundamental concepts and mechanics that its predecessors laid out before it and does quite an impressive job of refining and polishing these concepts and mechanics even further in order to provide its players with one of the most immersive RPG experiences out there. Agreed by many as perhaps one of the absolute best games to come out in recent times, you simply cannot go wrong with The Witcher 3.

3: GTA V

Fans had high hopes for GTA V when it came out 2013 and it managed to live up to every single expectation that the players had which is pretty much to be expected since Rockstar Games has a reputation of not letting the fans down. The game features an immersive open world filled with tons of stuff to do, breathtaking visuals and a unique gameplay pattern in which you get to control three different characters.

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