Fans of the first game will be disappointment to hear that developer Red Barrels has officially announced that Outlast 2 has been delayed; they also added that the game is now scheduled for released some time during Quarter 1 of 2017.

While the game has been delayed some details about the upcoming horror title were revealed this year at various conferences; there was also a demo available at PAX East 2016 which set the game for it’s new location. The first game was set in an asylum and it was confirmed that Outlast 2 will be set in the Arizona Desert.

Red Barrels explained their decision to delay the game in a Facebook post where the team commented that they’re dedicated to creating a terrifying and fulfilling game. The game has been delayed so that the developers can continue to work on the quality of the game because they don’t want to “release a game who’s limits haven’t been tested to the extreme”.

This is certainly sad news for fans but the developers are dedicated to their games and this delay can only be a good thing for the overall quality and experience Outlast 2; considering the success of the first game, the sequel will have a lot to live up to.

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