The latest Overwatch update had added a new mode to game similar to Rocket League; the car based sports game has become one of the most popular games around for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Lucioball is the new mode where players fight in 3v3 battles; each player controls Lucio in a game styled after soccer which uses similar game mechanics. Players need to score goals, protect the goal and steal the ball from other players using Lucios’s skills.

It’s a clever mode that makes use of his different abilities; Lucio can punch the ball to dribble, pass and shoot it from a short range while he can also use a secondary attack to launch the ball a larger distance. He’s also seen some slight changes so that his ultimate ability can now be used to pull the ball in his direction while his speed boost ability only impacts himself in this mode.

The update has also come with a variety of other new additions for the game; there are new skins, victory poses and more available through the special Summer Games 2016 loot boxes. These special boxes can only be collected up until August 23rd.

Blizzard have also confirmed that more themed events will be coming throughout the year.

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