Lucioball is the latest Brawl mode available in Overwatch; the soccer based mode uses a similar style to Psyonix’s Rocket League.

In this mode, each player controls the hero Lucio; they must hit the ball with melee to move it shorter distances and shoot it with the secondary weapons to send it further. Players can also use their ultimate ability to bring the ball towards them and use their speed boost ability to give themselves an individual boost.

Players have discovered a glitch in the mode that causes them to spawn as a different hero from the game; it doesn’t like players select which one they want to be however, it’s entirely random.

Pressing “H” as the match causes this strange glitch; when spawning as another character it’s also possible to kill players on the other team.

Blizzard announced a short statement on Twitter stating that they are aware of the bug are are looking into the issue. This glitch is expected to be removed from the game very quickly however some players feel that more characters makes the mode more interesting.

The Lucioball mode created to celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympics will only be available for a short period of time; Blizzard has confirmed that they intend to create more seasonal events such as this one.

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