Blizzard have announced that any player abusing the Lucioball character selection exploit may be punished.

The exploit in question only impacts the special Lucioball gamemode; the gamemode was released as a special event for the Rio Olympics and players fight in a 3v3 Rocket League like game. In the mode, all players are supposed to be a modified version of Lucio who only has abilities to push the ball around the map. Using the exploit to control a different character allows them to still have their weapons and normal ultimate abilities which allow them to ‘cheat’ the gamemode.

Game director Jeff Kaplan released a short statement on the official Blizzard Overwatch forums stating that the team is having trouble fixing the bug and hope to release a fix later this week. He added that they are stated to take action against those who are “deliberately using the bug to play heroes other than Lucio.”

Blizzard has yet to state exactly how abusers will be punished however, their stance on this is clear and players have been warned.

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