June 18, 2018

People are worried about Jim Carrey after he gave this bizarre interview

People are worried about Jim Carrey after he gave this bizarre interview

It’s not a secret that Jim Carrey is one of our most favorite actors to date. He has appeared in lots of films many of which people still enjoy watching to this day.

The horror film It premiered last week and it was an adaptation to the 1990’s mini TV-series that starred him. His acting certainly impacted many, mostly leaving them traumatized for life.

Last Friday, the famous comedian attended a New York Fashion Week event. It’s a show that is taking place in February and September of each year and designers show their fashion collections to buyers, the press and the public in general. This year it started on September 7th and ends 5 days later, on September 13th.

Catt Sadler with E! News was there to interview him at the red carpet but his answers left many people scratching their heads.

Below you can view the strange interview:

Makes you wonder, right? We weren’t even in the first 10 seconds of the video and he already started making circles around Sadler before he settled down.

“Is it true you’re wandering the streets? Do you need a date to the party? What’s up?” She first asked him.

His reply, however, sounded like he was calling out the fashion industry.

“No, I’m doing just fine.”, he told E! News and then he continued saying:

“There’s no meaning to any of this, so I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to and join.”

Poor Catt Sadler was trying to save the interview by pointing out that this event is taking place to celebrate icons like him. Her chances proved aimlessly and it was at that moment that the well-known actor made us think he had completely lost his mind. Carrey decided to take matters into his own hands and started asking Sadler questions instead.

He added: “Do you believe in icons? I don’t believe in personalities. I don’t believe that you exist but there is a wonderful fragrance in the air.”

After the bold statement, Catt Sadler tried to elaborate with him to get more context out of his answers.  Unfortunately for her, she was only left with some James Brown and Rick Ducommun impressions.

Next, he gave a more direct answer to the interviewer’s question which seems unlike anything we have ever heard before”

“I don’t believe in icons. I don’t believe in personalities. I believe that peace lies beyond personality. Beyond invention and disguise. Beyond the red “S” that you wear on your shirt that makes bullets bounce off. I believe it is deeper than that. I believe we’re a field of energy dancing for itself.”

As weird as it may sound, this is what the actor we grew up with has come to believe. It turns out the E! News correspondent was so shuffled by his reply that she immediately changed the topic of the interview, pointing out at his outfit. Despite her tries to keep the interview as less awkward as possible, he still pursues into spreading his beliefs.

“You look good.” She says, to which he replies “I didn’t get dressed. There is no me. There are just things happening and there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.”

And then he concluded: “It’s not our world. We don’t matter”

I am not quite sure where he read that but it seems like after his role as the late American comedian Andy Kaufman for his new documentary called Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, he has changed a lot as he recently said during the Venice Film Festival.

“Jim Carrey didn’t exist at that time,” he said of the shooting procedure, including, “It was psychotic at times.”

Apart from that he also mentioned himself of being “nothing”.

He either needs medical advice or he knows something more than everyone else on this planet does. Nonetheless, we praise him for all his hard work he has put into this business and hope the best for him!

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