The official body that governs online activity in Iran has officially banned Pokemon due to “security concerns”; the details on exactly what security issue has caused this decision has not yet been revealed.

Security concerns relating to Pokemon Go has been talked about since the game was first released last month; the user agreement grants Niantic access to the players User ID and email address due to a bug in the system. For Android users, the Google Play store for Pokemon Go lists various things the game may have access to including all accounts on the device and also full network access. The information collected by Niantic may be given to other companies such as The Pokemon Company and other third parties.

This is also a cause for concern in other countries. Notably, Russia is particularly concerned about what Niantic is doing with the map information they collect.

Iran, however, might have other reasons to ban the game. The Pokemon card game was banned in 2001 as it contained “forbidden images” and was thought to be religion propaganda as a result.

This ban comes about news that the Iranian government was trying to negotiate terms with Niantic.

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