All of the sudden, everyone was found roving around with their phones which was almost glued to their faces, not even kidding. More so than usual, however. In no such time, Pokémon Go has apparently taken over the world. Not only that, in fact it has been coming across a lot of media coverage and attention, that too in both good and bad ways. Usually, people other than the gamers, don’t really play games on their phones like this, but for this one particular game, everyone is making an exception. As it is another foray into the world of Augmented Reality (AR) gaming which just happens to be riding on the coat tails of a great franchise that has played a vital role in a lot of people’s childhoods.

So now we will let you know that how this game is played (although, you know it already). The following are some basics to play it. On the phone screen is basically a usual-looking edition of Google Maps and avatar, which has uncommonly slight customization. After this, on the map Pokémon would appear as the player starts roaming around in the real world. And once the player is close enough to a stray, the player can easily attempt to catch it, whereat the game would hijack the camera of the phone for an AR experience, which also means a Pokémon could turn up on top of cars or might on the wall outside of buildings.
Although, the player can always turn the AR mode off, however, which not only saves battery but the app will definitely eat the phone’s battery like a monster. Also it makes the whole process a bit easier since the Pokémon would stay centered in the screen, instead of the player who would try to keep it in view by waving the phone around like a crazy (really) to catch it. The player will sling Pokéballs by flipping them toward the creature.

Additionally, gone are those old days where wild Pokémon had to firstly be battled and then beaten into capitulation. Whereas, this task is a bit tangled by holding down the Pokéball to get a circle, as small as possible in order to catch it easier or maybe calm the beast down with some fruit from the inventory. The player can also twist the Pokéball around just to throw a curveball and potentially earn some bonus XP. And not to forget, the rarer Pokemon are harder to catch, thanks to dodging and even blocking incoming Pokeballs, so you can use advanced Pokéballs to increase your odds.

So this mere depiction to guidelines was to tell you that how people are going crazy over this game, and are totally-madly-deeply in love with it!

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