Pokemon Go was first released July 6th and new reports state that the augmented reality game has earned more than $200 million from micro-transactions within 32 days of launch.

Sensor Tower has revealed a chart that compares the revenue from Pokemon Go against the previous top mobile games; the company is a mobile app analytics firm that use various algorithms and data points in their work.

The company takes various revenue from both iOS and Android into account however, it does not include any money Niantic has earned through paid sponsorship deals. This $200 million figure is purely from micro-transactions in the game; players are able to purchase coins to buy additional in-game items such as Lures, Egg Incubators and Poke Balls.

In addition to being the highest grossing mobile game in history; Apple has stated that the game has also broken another record, Pokemon Go is the most downloaded app in history.

This has been a historic month for mobile gaming, Pokemon and Niantic; the developer still has plans to release new content for the game and to fix all existing bugs.

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