Something very tragic nearly happened at Comicon in Phoenix to Jason David Frank, also known as The Green Ranger, who prepared a statement for a press conference to thank the police and fans who helped prevent a violent shooting. Frank said he is praying for the man who tried to kill him at Comicon, and also called for increased security.

Comicon had to ban all prop weapons from people’s cosplay, due to security concerns.

Psycho Gunman Tried To Kill The Green Power Ranger at Comicon


He doesn’t seem very shaken by this at all, he said he doesn’t know the guy at all who wanted to shoot him, and further emphasized the importance of increased security while giving kudos to those who helped stop this attack. He called it a blessing, and hopes that this near-tragedy can help to save other lives in the future by ensuring something like this is less likely to happen with new precautions.

Due to legal reasons, he doesn’t want to speculate on the motives of the would-be attacker. He said he still feels safe at Comicon, and continued to field questions from reporters while trying to keep the mood light considering the severity of what almost happened.

Psycho Gunman Tried To Kill The Green Power Ranger at Comicon

Police said that the near-shooter simply slipped in through an unlocked door, and even had a reminder on his calendar telling him to target Jason David Frank, that simply said “Shoot JDF”. He was carrying a ton of loaded guns, and sending creepy violent Facebook messages to a woman he met, and had strange delusions that he was The Punisher.