QuakeCon has been a good period for news about the upcoming Quake game and other Bethesda titles; Tom Willtis, the head of id Software, has had quite a bit to say about the upcoming Quake game.

Willtis has revealed that the success of Doom is having a very positive influence on the team and for the release of Quake; he explained that the incredible response from fans has given them a huge confidence boost in their abilities and they’re more motivated than ever to re-imagine the classic 90’s games they originally created. He revealed that the idea for the new Quake Champions game began in 2013 when the team looked at reviving Quake Live.

It was confirmed that Quake will be a PC exclusive game and commented that the studio still has a lot of decisions to make for the game; the are still debating on the business model for the game. They are currently considering the possibility of making the game free-to-play however Willtis commented that they are looking into what their players want.

Quake Champions will enter closed beta in 2017 and fans are hopeful that the game will be released by the end of next year.

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