Psyonix has just revealed their brand new mode for Rocket League: Rocket League Rumble.

This new mode will be added as a free update to the game in September and will feature a unique twist on the frantic Rocket League gameplay that so many players enjoy. Rumble will use the same rules as the classic game however it will include special power-ups which completely change the game.

It features 11 unique power-ups which are given to players randomly; the details about how players obtain the power-ups have not yet been explained by the developer. It’s been confirmed that this mode will appear in the Online Playlists, Private matches and Exhibition games.

So far Psyonix hasn’t provided an actual release date for this new gamemode but players can expect to see this being added in September.

Here is the complete list of confirmed power-ups that will be in the Rumble mode:

  • The Boot – Launches a boot at an opponent’s car to kick them way
  • Disruptor – Causes an opponent to lose control of their car
  • Freezer – Freezes the ball in place
  • Grappling Hook – Flings the player towards the ball
  • Haymaker – Lets the player punch the ball
  • Magnetizer – Magnetises the car so the ball comes towards the player
  • Plunger – Grabs the ball and allows the player to direct it
  • Power Hitter – Lets the car hit everything harder
  • Spike – Hitting the ball will attach it to the car
  • Swapper – Switch positions with the opponents
  • Tornado – Causes a tornado that sucks up the ball and the opponents cars

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