June 18, 2018

Rockstar Games Comes to the Rescue of Angry GTA V Players

Rockstar Games Comes to the Rescue of Angry GTA V Players

About a week and a half ago, Take Two Interactive, and by extension, Rockstar Games, did the unthinkable- they banned the largest modding tool available in GTA V, OpenIV.

Understandably, the community was outraged. The Rockstar Games and GTA V forums were alight with the righteous fury of modders around the world. The Steam rating for GTA V went from a very respectable “Mostly Positive” to “Overwhelmingly Negative” over the course of just a few days. It looked like the end of one of the biggest online communities in both console and PC gaming.

Supposedly, Take Two shut down OpenIV because some of the mods that were developed specifically for the single player mode had made their way over to GTA Online, “ruining” the integrity of the game. After the shutdown, all seemed lost. It looked like the era of GTA V’s online dominance was coming to a close.

But then- a hero emerged.

Rockstar Games was able to talk down its parent company, Take Two, and get the OpenIV system reinstated in GTA V.

That’s right, OpenIV is back up.

Rockstar remained very quiet during this entire ordeal, and only gave neutral, polite responses to any questions asked. Based on their abnormal behavior, it seems as if Take Two took the reins and shut down OpenIV against the will of Rockstar’s GTA V teams. Thankfully, the hard-working crew at Rockstar was able to save OpenIV, and by extension, all of the mods made in the 3 and a half years that the game has been out and, by extension, GTA V itself.

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