During the Take-Two earning report it was revealed by the company president that Rockstar are currently working on new projects; this news was very briefly mentioned towards the end of the report.

The report gave this statement: “Rockstar Games also is hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon”

The last game to be released by Rockstar was Grand Theft Auto V in 2013; the highly anticipated PC version of the game was finally released in 2015 and there is currently no confirmation that Rockstar is developing the next game in the popular series.

While there has been no official statement about what these new projects are; fans currently expect one of them to be “Agent”, this was first announced in 2007 but was thought be canceled when news about the game stopped in 2009. However, Take-Two renewed it’s registered trademarks for the game this year.

There is also some thought that the company is currently working on a large amount of DLC instead of some new games.

More details about what Rockstar is currently working on should be revealed later this year.

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