June 18, 2018

SAS officer explains why guy running from terror holding his pint was actually very smart

SAS officer explains why guy running from terror holding his pint was actually very smart

This image of a man running away from the horrific bridge attack in London, without spilling a drop of his beer, has been getting a lot of attention. This image has been used to add a bit of humour into an otherwise awful, tragic, and horrific attack – yet another one.

Can you really blame this guy for wanting to hold onto his beer? Wouldn’t you want a cold one after surviving something like that? Not to mention, it probabally cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes, you’ve just got to find any little bit of humor you can, and hats off to our British friends for doing just that. Jokes aside, this was a smart move.

This man, who turns out to be from Liverpool, actually made a brilliant tactical decision – whether he meant to or not.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter, and then we’ll show you the reaction from an expert on why this was the right move.

John Geddes is an ex-SAS officer who weighed-in on the situation, revealing that holding onto the ice cold pint was actually the right move.

Basically, you’re better off with a weapon than without one, and you can do some real damage with a pint glass. Not only that, you can toss the beer in the face of someone if there’s an attacker in front of you, then bash them in the head with it while they’re distracted.

Here’s the explanation in John’s own words:

A pint pot – we all know the damage some idiot in the pub can do with that. That’s what people have to do collectively to defeat these perpetrators.

Cold drinks are good too. Just throw them in his face, especially if they come in a good volume like a beer. Liquid – of any sort – in the face is a big impediment to action.

He also says that in situations like this, people have got to come together to take out the attackers and not just lay down on the ground as an easy target for them. Stay in a large group, because you have strength in numbers, and grab whatever you can find to use as a weapon – whether it’s a cold beer or whatever else you can get your hands on.

“For a moment you have to become a group of football hooligans. The very worst thing you can do is hide on the floor in the proximity of the attacker. If that’s what you do then you are going to be stabbed and shot.” – John Geddes

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families, as we mourn yet another tragic and senseless loss of life in this very troubling trend that must be stopped.

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