So apparently there’s a such thing as volcano sharks. That’s a part of your life now. Congrats.

These incredible creatures were discovered when they sent a camera into a volcano. A bit higher up, there was also a sting ray. On the plus side, this is an underwater volcano, so it’s not like there are sharks and sting rays swimming around in actual molten lava becasue that would be much more terrifying.

The researches had some interesting questions once they found these creatures, specifically when the volcano is about to erupt:

“Do they leave? Do they have some sort of sign that it’s about to erupt? Do they blow up sky-high in little bits?”

Good question.

Take a look at the video featuring Ocean Engineer Brennan Phillips:

They followed along the Solomon Islands looking for hydrothermal activity, and found a lot more than they bargained for. Since the volcano wasn’t currently erupting, they could use these cameras to get a closer look. There were two different types of sharks inside, hammerheads and silky sharks, who seemed to be totally immune to the extreme heat and acidity of living inside of an underwater volcano.

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