If you’ve not already noticed, Skittles have dropped its rainbow colors in its packaging for this month.

For a product whose tagline is “Taste the rainbow” this is a very odd move but there’s an exceptional reason for them doing so.

The company is doing it to celebrate Pride month, which celebrates the rights of the LGBT community. It made the decision to support the movement.

They have also formed a new slogan for the entire month of June: “During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So, we’ve given up ours to show our support.”

Speaking to LADBible, Skittles explained further:

The rainbow flag is the symbol of Pride, but the rainbow is also synonymous with Skittles. So, to show our support, Skittles has again given up its rainbow colours in order for Pride’s rainbow to take centre stage at the Pride in London parade.

Following the overwhelmingly positive response to our #onerainbow campaign at Pride in London 2016, we are excited to be giving up our rainbow for Pride for the second year running.

It’s a really thoughtful move on the company’s part and we laud them for being so considerate.



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