Facebook users are able to use a cool rainbow reaction since the start of June in order to support LGBTQ rights and feel proud. The reaction is officially called the Pride reaction.

However, it appears not everyone can access this reaction. Facebook currently allows anyone who liked their LGBTQ@Facebook page to access this reaction but many users are unable to access it even after following the step.

As Mashable points out, Facebook initially announced that the reaction will be accessible to all users throughout the month of June but it appears people residing in many countries still cannot access it. A Facebook rep confirmed this.

“Because this is a new experience we’ve been testing, the rainbow reaction will not be available everywhere,” Schultz wrote.

However, a lot of dejected users are voicing their displeasure about the same.

This has prompted Facebook to offer a more descriptive explanation about why it isn’t available to everyone:

This means that Facebook isn’t rolling out the pride reaction in countries who doesn’t allow people to be openly gay or it’s illegal to be gay. It includes countries like India, Indonesia and Malaysia among others.

It’s unfortunate that people can’t support gay rights due to government issues.

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