Microsoft’s Xbox One X is on its way. According to the tech giant, it will be “the world’s most powerful console”. Sony will have to act differently if they want a piece of the same cake. Their current versions of PlayStation 4 may not be enough to compete against the upcoming Xbox One X. So, a new PlayStation console may be the answer for Sony.

President and CEO of Sony, Shawn Layden has briefed that there will be some time before any announcement about the PlayStation 5. However, he gave certain hints that indicate that it may be closer than we expected.

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The folks over asked him if the current PlayStation 4 Pro is a replacement over the normal PlayStation. There was also a discussion of whether future games will only be playable on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Shawn Layden replied that the PlayStation 4 Pro is an improvement over the PlayStation 4 rather than a replacement. It only offers features such as 4K and HMD which the normal console lacks.  Apart from that, the Pro packs a bigger Hard Disk space and an improved stable image rate.

The Pro is really only to offer advantages such as 4K resolutions and HMD for players who can and want to use that. Add to this a more stable image rate and larger hard disk space. But people who have a standard PS4 have no real disadvantages. Each of our games will continue to run on the classic PS4 and possibly slightly better on the Pro.

Those are some enhancements that most casual gamers don’t really pay attention to. What really matters to them is for the game to run flawlessly. Ironically enough, the normal PS4 may run games slightly better over the PS4 Pro due to its lower resolution.

Image result for playstation 4 pro then asked Sony’s CEO and President when is the company planning to announce the PlayStation 5. His response was overall positive, saying “probably be some time” before any reveal of the PlayStation 5.

Quite intriguing but people demand more answers. Some analysts, who predicted both PlayStation Pro’s and Slim’s release dates, suggest that we could be seeing the new console around the latter half of 2018.

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Another analyst, on the other hand, Michael Pachter believes that it may potentially take more than that. According to Pachter, the new console should release around 2019. To justify his claims, he added that 4K TV market in the US will reach 50% by then, meaning that more people will be able to take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s full potential.

My expectation that is that it’s not coming out in 2018. That is a 2019 0r 2020 but probably 2019. Sony is probably timing it better because they are going to bring out a 4K capable device when the 4K TV market reaches 50% in the USA and 35% in the rest of the world. I think Sony has probably got the next console cycle nailed down already. I think, they already know what they got to do,

For now, we know very little about Sony’s intentions. The future of the PlayStation 5 may seem uncertain but Layden’s answers have provided us with more details about the upcoming console. We now have to wait and see what Sony is hiding under their sleeve.

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