Video games are played all over the world and are famous in every age group. Initially video games were played on personal computers but with the passage of time trend has shifted towards smartphones. People feel convenient to play games on their smartphones instead of sitting on a straight back chair and playing games on the computer for hours. Some games are famous and millions of their copies are downloaded. One of these games is Subway Surfers; it came into the market a few years ago and gained recognition quickly. Millions of downloads of the game speak of its popularity.

Cities visited by Subway Surfers

The best feature of Subway Surfers is that every couple of months an update of the game arrives. In every update game features a new city, so far the game has featured New York, Beijing, London, Paris, Venice and the list goes son. Recently an update of game featuring Rio De Janeiro in connection with Olympic Games is released. The new look is awesome with many new features. The costume of the characters, daily challenges, streets and beauty of the city is matchless. It is the best outlook of any city; the game has featured so far. The timing of the release of this update is also well thought; as Olympics are starting from 6th of August. Already the number of downloads for the game have reached millions.


The characters of the game are created keeping in view all age groups and trends of other games. Famous characters include Jake, Tricky, Dino, Frank, King, Fresh and Yutani. There are other characters also but need certain points or coins to be unlocked. Jake is the default character that is available at the start of the game, for the rest of the characters, one need to play through the game and earn points. Tricky is the next character that is easily unlocked, but for the rest, one need to do more. A player can also get the help of his friends online to get any bonus points or coins if he is running short of them.


A player has to face many foes in the game that include inspector, his dog, trains, barriers and side rails. These are enemies of the player, and he has to avoid crashing into these; otherwise his turn is over. Among all of these trains are the most difficult to negotiate, as trains are both static and moving. A temptation to collect coins and rewards also act as a trap for the player and he is caught unaware. The inspector and his dog are always following the player and a still nudge into train or barrier will bring them close to you. A player needs a smooth run to get away from the reach of the inspector and his dog.

Collecting coins and points

The game is dependent on the collection of coins and earning points, as one can progress through the game only if he has required coins and points. Coins and points increase as player covers more distance in the game. Coins are randomly placed in the lanes and need to be collected without bumping into trains. Different add-ons help in increasing points and coins. Receiving magnet during the run will attract all coins coming in the way, similarly collecting star is going to increase the points earned. Both points and coins are prerequisite to advance in the game and unlock new characters and features.

Rewards and bonuses

Several rewards and bonuses are offered in the game and can be collected easily. These bonuses and rewards can then be used to purchase or unlock desired characters, features or add-ons. Weekly and daily hunts are the most attractive ones, as a player has to complete the task in the given time to win the reward. Individual rewards and gift boxes are placed randomly, and a player has to remain focused to collect them. Small scale missions are offered, and successful completion will earn the player lucrative rewards. All these rewards and bonuses keep the interest of the player live and induce him to play the game further.

Costumes and features of the characters

Different options in costumes of characters are available and can be unlocked on reaching required coins or points. Now and then new features of characters are added, and the most attractive feature will need more number of coins to get unlocked. Once unlocked, the player can switch characters, costumes and other features any time he likes. Players try to earn points to unlock their favorite character in the game. Certain features can also be unlocked by collecting jackpots during the game; it depends on the luck of the player if he gets one.

Boards for characters

Skateboards are the most attractive add-ons available in the game. It not only feels cool to glide through the streets of the city on a skateboard but also enhances your speed. Different shapes and features of boards are available and require a certain number of coins to get unlocked. Apart from speed boards also provide the player with an opportunity in the game by giving life during a crash. It means that if the player is using a board and he crashes into a train or barrier he will not lose his life but will continue his run. Attractive shapes and colors of boards compel the player to earn coins and get his favorite board unlocked.

Compete with your friends

The game offers a feature to compete with your friends far away from you. One needs to link his Facebook account and can then post his top scores and can also play a competition with his friend. This not only increases the sense of competition an urge to earn more points and coins but also offers rewards on winning from your friend. It is an excellent way of publicity of the game as well and developers are smart enough to use this feature. Connecting to Facebook also helps to get coins and certain add-ons from your friends if you are running short of them.


A leaderboard is a standard feature in almost all games nowadays. Leaderboards are for players all over the world; you can get online and see the highest score of players all around the world. Typically a leaderboard contains top 10 scorers and changes frequently as a new player breaks the record of any of top ten scorers. He gets the place on the leaderboard, and all positions are shuffled according to points scored by that player. Everyone wants to see his name on the leaderboard and tries to do his best in the game; this creates a sense of competition. It is a healthy sign and a prerequisite for any extracurricular activity.

Purchases from store

The game has its store and offers various characters, features, add-ons, coins and option to skip missions and earn rewards. This store requires money for any purchase unlike other features which are unlocked by earning coins and points. If anyone wants some special feature or add-on without playing through the game, so here is the solution; buy from the store. In short, the game has catered for all needs of players whether it is in case of rewards or purchases from the store.

General settings

This game has all necessary settings options available. One can adjust sound settings of the game, can mute the game if required or can increase the volume as desired. Similarly, pause option is the most valued one as during the play if you need to take a break or got a phone call, need not worry just pause the game and resume it from where you left. Some other features include reminder option for any new update and mission available. Top run by any friend will also be notified if you have managed your settings. A player can select the country of his choice from a drop down menu. A privacy policy is also given in the settings tab of the game for easy access of the user. It is always good to read through the privacy policy so that you are well aware of the permissions you are allowing to the game.

Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded games on all stores. It is available on different stores including Play Store and App Store. Its availability on various platforms allows users of all platforms to download and enjoy the game. Regular update and addition of new features have made the game more accessible to players and they don’t get bored with the similar features all the times. Subway Surfers has managed to grab the attention of bulk of game players and is improving its grading by every passing day. Making a place in editor’s pick list on Play Store is a significant achievement for any application or game; Subway Surfers has already achieved this milestone. This speaks of the technical ascendancy and popularity this game has attained among the masses. We will not be inclined or injustice to nominate Subway Surfers among the top ten games ever.

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