It is almost 20 years since the murder of perhaps the most influential rapper of all time Tupac Shakur.

2pac was gunned down in Las Vegas on 7 September 1996 after the Mike Tyson vs Bruce Seldon fight.

The story goes that 2Pac was told that a gold chain had been stolen from him in a casino by a crip Gang Member named Orlando Anderson.

After the Mike Tyson fight 2Pac and Suge Knight ran into Orlando Anderson in the casino and got into a fight with him. There is quite conveniently CCTV footage of the fight where you can see Tupac and Suge throwing kicks and punches at someone although the footage is very grainy.

The theory goes that Orlando Anderson regrouped and got his own back by catching up to the BMW 2Pac AND Suge were riding in and shot 2pac multiple times and grazed Suge.

That is the theory you are led to believe although Orlando Anderson was only interviewed once and let go. He was then murdered himself several weeks later in an unrelated gang killing.

The reason I believe Suge orchestrated the death of 2Pac is because there was rumours circulating that 2pac was going to leave Death Row and take his music with him. There has been several eye witness statements from members of the Death Row records entourage that 2Pac and Suge would often argue about money. 2pac believed he wasn’t receiving adequate money for the sales and shows he did while at Death row.

Suge knight knew that if 2Pac left Death Row he would potentially lose millions of dollars of future profits for himself. With 2pac dying Suge Knight would be able to keep all monies from existing 2Pac material and any records they could release after his death.

It is rumoured that Death Row records made more than $60 Million dollars from the sale of 2Pac’s music and merchandise. A lot of that money being made after his untimely death.

Suge Knight would have continued to make lots more money from 2pac’s unreleased work but 2pac’s mother Afeni Shakur won her court case against Death Row and Interscope records and was awarded 150 of the unreleased songs of her son.

Since 2Pac’s death their has been many rumours that he in fact faked his death and is still alive somewhere. There is a lot of supposed evidence to suggest this. The autopsy picture taken after his death has been proven to be fake. The death certificate says he was 6,0 and 230 pounds, 2Pac was actually 5,10 and about 40 pounds lighter. He was cremated the day after his death and the person who performed the cremation was paid a fortune and was never heard from again. No one from Death Row would speak to the police and even Suge has stated in an interview he is not sure if 2pac is dead.

While it would be amazing to think 2pac was alive and well I believe that all the conspiracy stuff has been perpetuated by Suge Knight and Death Row. Two reasons I think this is to get more money from the sale of The Don killuminati Makeveli album and also to take attention away from the murder and confuse the evidence.

So you can see why perhaps Suge Knight would have been the person to benefit the most from his supposed friends death.  A bodyguard of 2Pac named Frank Alexander said in 1998 that Suge told him to tell 2Pac that a crip member named Orlando Anderson had stolen 2pac’s chain. He said that he was told to tell 2pac this a day before they saw him in the casino. Could Suge have set this meeting up to make it look like the shooting was gang related. Suge was close with members of the L.A gang the bloods who are the sworn enemy of the crips. He could have quite easily made it out to look like a gang killing.

None of Death row were co-operative with police, no information of any use was given by anyone who was in the car convey that saw the shooting.

It was rumoured that 2pac’s close friend and fellow Outlawz member Kadafi was willing to come forward and speak to police. Yaki kadafi was gunned down and murdered on November 10 1996.

The whole situation stinks to high heaven and it looks like we will never know the truth of what happened to Tupac Shakur on that fateful Las Vegas night. He lives on through his music and has left a legacy like no other rapper in the game. He continues to inspire people of all ages to this day. So although he is no longer here with us he will live forever in the hearts of of his fans.

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