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The United Kingdom was the victim of another terrorist attack earlier today and once again it was at the heart of London.

Terrifying details have now emerged about the attack.

At around 22.03 A van came speeding onto unsuspecting pedestrians at the London bridge. More than 20 people were rammed into by the van and then it screeched to a halt and a group of men came out wielding 12 inch knives.

The men then went on a stabbing spree both in the lanes and inside pubs, leaving 6 people dead and more than 45 injured.

Police responded to the terror call within 5 minutes and the armed Jihadis were shot dead within 8 minutes. SAS units could be seen descending onto the London bridge.

Police have confirmed three of the attackers were killed and there might be more on the run. The city has been put on high alert and people have been advised to stay indoors.

A witness, Erick Siguenza, told BBC News that one of the gang screamed ‘This is for Allah’ as he went on a stabbing rampage.

Reports also show the men wearing fake suicide vests to fend off police, an attempt that proved to be futile.

Terrifying details emerge about London terror attack

Stay safe people.