No one can deny that Dwayne Johson is one of the strongest if not the strongest actor on Holywood. Yet, not everyone knows that he is not the one doing the stunts in his movies. In fact, the person to credit is his cousin, Tanoai Reed. The Rock’s cousin is a 43-year-old Hawaiian who has been a stunt man for over 23 years.

I’d like to wish the most realist, down to earth, humble, talented ( and almost as handsome as me), brother from another mother, my Uce Deuce Dwayne “DJ” @therock Johnson a very happy and blessed 45th birthday! I hope I look as good as you when I turn 45 in a year and a half. Thank you for being a great example not only to myself, but to all of the Polynesian youth, as well as every youth, woman and grown ass man from all over the world! May the good Lord bless you with many more happy years to keep inspiring and sharing your Mana with the world!

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The professional performer has the same body type as Dwayne Johnson and he has been doubling him ever since 2003. His first appearance with The Rock was in The Rundown. Reed has also shown up in big movies such as the Fast And Furious franchise, San Andreas and Baywatch.

Doubling as Dwayne means that he needs to keep track of his cousin’s physical appearance. In other words, if DJ packs a muscle for a specific role, he has to do the same.

FBF to 12 years ago getting our tattoos. We both took turns, each doing 10hr. sessions back to back over the course of a couple days. 💉⚡️👊🏽

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Unlike his cousin, the professional stunt performer was never involved in the wrestling world. He is now married to Suzanne Reed who is surprisingly enough a stuntwoman herself. They both have a child who studies at the University of Virginia.

Back in Hawaii, Reed is fundraising his local High School on GoFundMe. This is due to the fact that gym equipment used in the school has been worn out and the state is unable to fund it. It is great to see him care for his local community.

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