June 18, 2018

These Bizarre Little Dried Things Are Being Sold as Good Luck Charms in India

These Bizarre Little Dried Things Are Being Sold as Good Luck Charms in India

I’ve reported on quite a few weird and disgusting things, but I think this one might take the cake.

Recently, authorities busted fraudulent shopkeepers in raids across 5 different Indian states for selling these strange looking good-luck charms. Why, you ask, are these good luck charms such a big deal to the authorities?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

These knick-knacks are the dried genitalia of male Bengal monitor and yellow monitor lizards.

Yellow Monitor Lizard
Credit: beforeitsnews.com

That’s right, lizard dicks.

Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem for shopkeepers to sell dried lizard penises, but, unfortunately, the Bengal monitor lizard and the yellow monitor lizard are both on the endangered species list. It’s a shame these beautiful creatures are being killed for their penises, especially because they aren’t actually a real good luck charm.

Bengal Monitor Lizard
Credit: Prashant Tenjarla

The lizards are only killed because their genitalia resembles a very rare plant that is a traditional good luck charm in India. The plant has all but disappeared in the region but there are still a few Bengal and yellow monitor lizards around to be harvested for their penises.

The raids have been successful thus far and hopefully continued raids will prevent people from hunting the poor lizards to extinction.

Credit: Simbaman

In the meantime, I’d avoid buying any good luck charms from that part of the world.

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