June 18, 2018

Top 20 Current US TV Shows To Get Stuck Into

Top 20 Current US TV Shows To Get Stuck Into

With the rise of online streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon it is becoming increasingly easy to binge watch TV Shows.

We at Ploud understand that it can be difficult to select a new series to watch with so many options available.

So I have decided to make a list of my top 20 TV Shows that are currently running either on TV or online. Is there any you feel deserve to be on there or any you don’t agree with please have your say in the comments below.

Hemlock Grove

A Netflix original series Hemlock Grove is a fictional town set in Pennsylvania where plenty of supernatural occurrences tend to occur. I was a little sceptical regarding this series as it features werewolves and vampires and Twilight has killed that buzz for me. However this series is extremely dark and there is a fresh take on the supernatural that make this show intriguing. Special shout out goes to Famke Janssen pushing 50 and still looking finer than ever!

The Master Of None

Another Netflix original to make the list is comedy Master Of None. It stars Indian American comedian Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation). This is a new series exploring life and love in New York City. I really like the vibe of this show which I think is in part due to the setting. New York is definitely top of the list of cities I would like to visit and the use of location is amazing in this show. Coupled with the realistic characters and situations they end up in make this a fun new show to watch when trying to relax.

The Strain

The Strain is a horror TV show based on the novel of the same name. it is created by Guillermo Del Toro (Pans Labyrinth) and Chuck Hogan. It features an interesting take on the Vampire legend with a disease breaking out in New York turning the residents into blood sucking vampire like creatures. A great ensemble cast featuring Corey Stoll (Ant-Man) deal with this new outbreak as it threatens to engulf New York City and the world.


Stalker is a US TV show based around a special unit within the Los Angeles police department that deals with the threat of stalkers in Hollywood. It stars the very sexy Maggie Q (Die hard 4) and Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story). They are two members of the team tasked to investigate stalkers and keep the victims safe. Only one season in the first season had enough twists and turns to keep me hooked and I am really hoping for another season although it looks like it might be cancelled by CBS. still don’t let that put you off as it is definitely worth the watch even if it is just the one season.


Gotham is the critically acclaimed prequel to Batman featuring many of the beloved characters from Batman at a younger age. Bruce Wayne, The Penguin, The Riddler and even the Joker all pop up in Season 1. James Gordon is the main character the future Police Commissioner of Gotham is a young detective trying to make sense of the crazy corrupt City.

Person Of Interest

Person Of Interest is a hi tech thrill ride that so far has spawned 4 seasons. It stars Jim Caviezel (The Passion Of Christ) and Michael Emerson (Lost) as two very different men with the same mission. Help people who the government doesn’t care about. Using a high tech machine they can uncover citizens who are in danger of either committing a crime or being a victim. Sounds far fetched but the actors are amazing and the story unfolds at a great pace. Person Of Interest will definitely keep your interest.


Homeland is a show based around the CIA and the fight against terror groups targeting the US. It stars Claire Danes (Romeo and Juliet) as CIA analyst Carrie Mathison and Damian Lewis as former United states Marine Nicholas Brody. Carrie suspects that Brody who has been held captive in Iraq for 8 years has been turned by terrorist Abu Nasir and is plotting an attack on American soil. The twist and turns and lies and deceit that follow make this a truly fascinating watch well worth a look if you haven’t seen it.


This spectacular Netflix original focuses on the true story of the legendary Pablo Escobar and the Narcos cartel that ran cocaine production in the 80’s and 90’s. The blood soaked, violent and unforgivable world of drug smuggling in Colombia is brought to life in this magnificent show.

Bojack Horseman

The second comedy series and the first animation to make the list is the hilarious Netflix original Bojack Horseman. Bojack played by Will Arnett (Arrested Development) is a human like Horse who used to be in a family sitcom in the 90’s called Horsing Around. He is now a washed up actor living in Hollywood with his room mate Todd played by Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). Once you get passed the crazy fact that half of the characters inhabiting this world are human like animals this series just becomes hilarious. Two seasons on Netflix available now I watched both seasons in the space of a few days very funny show with a heart as well!

How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder is a courtroom drama based on a defence attorney who is also a lecturer at University. Viola Davis (The Help) stars as the Professor Annalise Keating who enlists the help of her top students to exonerate murder suspects in court. The characters then find themselves in a murder mystery of their own. An excellent emmy award winning performance from Viola Davis carry this show as it twists and turns and drags you along on a roller-coaster ride.

Better Call Saul

It was always going to be extremely difficult for Vince Gilligan to follow on from the success of probably the best TV show of all time Breaking Bad. He decided to do a prequel based around the antics of the dodgy lawyer Saul Goodman. Better Call Saul charts the earlier life of the infamous attorney showing how he came to be. While so far the series has failed to reach the highs of Breaking Bad it steadily improved and by the end of Season 1 I was hooked!


The third comedy show and second animation to make the list is the hilarious Archer. Make sure you watch out for the danger zone and be careful not to get your phrasing all wrong as Archer manages to save the day despite being a raging lunatic! 5 Seasons now available on Netflix and each season is fantastic.

Orange Is The New Black

Another Netflix original the awe inspiring Orange is The New Black is a show loosely based on true events. It stars Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman a normal woman who is sentenced to serve time in a woman’s prison in the US. At first I wasn’t sure a show about a woman’s prison would be quite my cup of tea but I must admit by the end of the first season I was hooked. The character development and story telling that goes into each episode is superb and you really do get behind the characters. 3 Seasons in and it is still a very enjoyable show with enough going on to keep the viewers glued to the screen.

Ash vs The Evil Dead

This is the newest show on the list as we are only about 6 episodes into season 1. Based on the Evil Dead trilogy from the 80’s Ash vs the Evil dead is absolutely fu**ing amazing! Created by the original Evil Dead genius Sam Raimi.  Ash (Bruce Campbell) is back and ready to kick some deadite arse!!! This show might even climb to my number one spot in the long run but as it stands it currently falls in at a respectable 7. Whether a fan of the original movies or not this is definitely worth your time!!

True Detective

If it was just the first season of True Detective then it probably would have graced the top spot but the second season although good in its own right couldn’t quite match the levels of the first. The chemistry between the lead actors Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey in the first season was out of this world. The story follows the two detectives as they recount a case that they couldn’t quite solve in their younger years which takes an ever increasing deadly turn. The second season was also good but nowhere near as riveting as the first and that is why we find True Detective in the number 6 spot.

Bates Motel

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Bates Motel. It is essentially a prequel to the infamous Psycho movie from the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Set in the modern day fictional town of White Pine Bay Oregan. I was pleasantly surprised though by this incredible tale of Norma Bates played by the enchanting Vera Farmiga and her troubled son Norman played by the impressive Freddie Highmore. The story is a mix of Norman’s ever growing craziness and Norma’s struggles with not only her son but also a very corrupt town which the main source of income is illegal marijuana growing.  Twist and turns ensue in what is a delightfully dark and fascinating show, well worth a watch and worthy of a top 5 place in this list.

The Leftovers

Perhaps the strangest show on the list The Leftovers is something of an anomaly. In fact two seasons in and I still don’t really know just what the hell is going on. However this show is mesmerising and I just cannot get enough of it. The premise is that one day millions of people dis-appear from earth in what has become known as the departure. We pick up the story about a year later in a world where people are trying to come to terms with exactly what has happened. Each episode is completely different and takes you on an incredible journey. It is shot beautifully and the score is haunting. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this show and have the last episode of season 2 waiting to go this evening and I am expecting a big finale from this amazing TV show.


Banshee is absolutely totally bad ass to the bone! no other TV show has as much action, sex, violence, plot twists and out of this world characters as Banshee! The characters and all the scenes are completely larger than life. This show is not for the faint hearted and is definitely not as high brow as some of the others on the list. It is a non stop thrill ride of amazing fights scene, shoot outs, car chases, hot naked birds and all round chaos. Some might consider Banshee a guilty pleasure but I do not care it is amazing! If you have not seen Banshee do yourself a favour and get on it!

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is a powerful drama set in the seedy world Of LA and stars the magnificent Liev Schrieber as the main man Ray. Ray is a fixer from Boston working in LA to cover up any illegal issues his clients may have. The problem for Ray is his father Micky Donovan played by the incredible Jon Voight. Once Ray’s dad is released from prison all hell breaks loose. We follow Ray as he tries to deal with his own failing sanity and his crazy family’s antics. Ray Donovan just keeps getting better and better and has managed to easily become one of my top rated shows. There is currently 3 seasons available to watch find them and watch them!!

Game Of Thrones

No list of current TV shows would be complete without including the king of all TV at the moment Game Of Thrones. Now just finished its fifth season with a new one due in the spring Game Of Thrones continues to capture the imagination of the entire globe. If you haven’t watched it or think it might not be your thing please give it a go. It is not all dragons and goblins, the main points to this show is the array of amazing characters and plot twists along the way. No one is safe and you never quite know what is going to happen (even if you have read the books).

So there you go Game Of Thrones tops the list but there should be something for everyone in this list.

Honourable mentions House of Cards, Peaky Blinders (I have not seen but hear great things) Walking Dead and The Blacklist are all great shows just didn’t quite make the list.

Please comment if you think there are any shows I have missed or you think there are shows in the list that you don’t rate.

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