Numerous PSN accounts got suspended today. The reason behind this is a mass chargeback made by the online payment company, Paypal. The chargebacks were made on Sony’s Network transactions and the former company is yet to confirm the reason behind their action.

As a result, affected users are being put into debt and their accounts are being taken down. For the time being, only users that live in the UK seem to have been affected by the incident.

Both Paypal and Sony have been swarmed by people that are trying to find a solution to the problem. The easiest way to find out whether your account has been affected or not is to head to your email. Affected users have received an email from Paypal concerning Playstation transaction refunds.

An insider claims that the issue is linked to payments charged back on June 11th to June 15th. Additionally, it is also believed that the error is on Sony’s behalf due to a limiting or even closing of their GDP account.

A reader over at Kotaku made this statement after he allegedly contacted Paypal about the issue.

As for now, everything is just speculations since none of the two companies have officially commented about the incident. We’ll update the article if that changes.

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