In the late 90’s WWE or WWF as it was still known was full of attitude, gratuitous violence and some language that pushed the boundaries. In fact it was so full of gusto that this period of wrestling was known as The Attitude Era.

Since the mid 2000’s however the company has taken a more child friendly approach and has made all content more or less PG. With that obviously there is to be no foul language, not even shit, piss and hell etc which used to be used frequently.

Anything of this type of behaviour and you could expect to be seriously reprimanded by the boss in real life as well as in the script Vince McMahon.

This past week though on Monday Night Raw the companies flagship program the boss himself appears to utter something like ‘Don’t Fuck With me’ during a rather heated segment featuring his son Shane.

Luckily the TV Studios managed to bleep it out on air but this video from a fan taken at the event lets you hear what he said.

I think Vince needs to chill out a bit especially if he wants to keep this PG rating he seems to be set on keeping.

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