The Xbox One S was launched earlier this month in it’s 2TB format and Microsoft has plans to launch the 1TB and 500GB versions towards the end of the month; the new Xbox One S had limited stock and it now looks as though most retailers have completely sold out.

A report from Eurogamer states that Microsoft currently has no plans to make more of the Xbox One 2TB console; there is still a special edition 2TB version of the Xbox One S being shipped in a bundle with Gears of War 4.

While most retailers have sold out of the console, there are many third party sellers who are selling them through retailers such as Amazon; these consoles are more expensive however.

Microsoft has not released a statement about this so far and there is uncertainty about if the company will produce any more Xbox One S 2TB versions. Xbox Scorpio is due for release next year and will be a much more powerful console.

The Xbox One S 1TB and 500GB versions are due for release towards the end of the month; the 1TB version is confirmed to cost $349 and the 500GB version will be $299. It’s not clear how limited the stock will be for these versions.

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