It was revealed by the president of Take-Two that XCOM 2 will be released for consoles later than they first expected; the game has now been delayed for three weeks. The strategy game was due for a September 6th release date for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 however, it has now been delayed to ensure it reaches the high quality performance that is expected.

The new console release date is September 27th for North American players and the game will be launched internationally on September 30th. It was confirmed previously that this version of the game will contain a range of new features and improvements that were not in the game when it first launched on PC. There is still no news about the console versions possibly having mod support like it does on PC.

This news about the critically acclaimed strategy game was revealed with the Take-Two quarterly earnings news; the company president stated that the XCOM 2 team don’t want to release the console version until it reaches their high standards. He also added that the PC version of the game will continue to be supported and they have several free and paid DLC planned for the game.

XCOM 2 will be released internationally on September 30th.

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