Austin Jones is an American Youtuber who does covers of pop songs acapella, and he was just arrested in Chicago on charges of child pornography. He’s facing 15 years in prison, and is currently being held in federal custody until his court appearance because he has been tagged as a “risk to the community and there’s a danger he’ll flee,” as reported by the Chicago Sun Times. The 24 year old has around 500,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel.

This isn’t the first time, unfortunately, that a prominent Youtuber has gotten caught perving on their younger fans. Certain genres on Youtube attract younger fanbases, and puts these guys in a position to take advantage of younger girls in inappropriate ways. A girl might see one of these guys in their mid 20’s with hundreds of thousands of subscribers singing songs, and get the false impression that these guys are actually famous, and be star struck that the guy is even talking to her, and since they see him as a “celebrity” it creates a false sense of security, which leads to an opportunity for guys like Austin to prey on their victims.

E! News has reported that he had communications with two different underage girls on Facebook, one of them in August of 2016 and the second in May of 2017. The criminal complained filed against him that lead to his arrest alleges that he asked one of the girls to “prove” to him that she was his “biggest fan” by sending him sexually explicit videos of herself. E! News obtained court documents revealing that Austin Jones was arrested at the airport and then taken into custory where he filmed a recorded interview during which he revealed that the charges against him were accurate.

Here’s a video from 2015, before either of the two interactions that he was arrested for, where he had to issue an apology video after he was caught asking his fans to make him “twerking videos”, but clearly he didn’t learn from the first time he was exposed, after going on to solicit explicit videos of minors for years after. This starts off as an apology, but quickly turns towards a sob story about how his difficult life has lead him to sexually prey on his fans.

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